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iRYZE (i-rise) : self empowerment

iRYZE is a series of workbooks (Ryzers) that motivate teenagers to take charge of their lives and be their best on their own terms by identifying the tools that will empower them to be successful in school and life.

The iRYZE philosophy is based on the premise that teenagers will only succeed if they are self-motivated and define themselves on their own terms. Therefore, it is necessary to channel their passion and drive by encouraging a constructive rebellion.

LIFE TOOLS - iRYZE: About Therapy

How does iRYZE work?

iRYZE offers seven different ways for teenagers to create and define success on their own terms.  It is a self explanatory and intuitive learning experience that is designed for teenagers to work on independently, supervised, or as a group/classroom.

  1.  The Ryzer Portfolio includes all four Ryzers; Org, Skills, Vox and Core 

  2. Org Ryzer – Organizational Skill

  3. Skills Ryzer - Study Skills

  4. Vox Ryzer - Communication and Relationships 

  5. Core Ryzer - Defining yourself and Self Confidence

There are two modules:

  1. Base Module includes Org & Skills - The Base Module provides the foundation for being organized and having good study skills.

  2. Evolve Module includes Vox & Core - The Evolve Module provides tools to have good relationships and self confidence by knowing who you are, feeling good about yourself and speaking up to be heard

Org Ryzer

Organizational Skills Workbook

  • The Org Ryzer empowers you to be organized by developing your own personal organizational system. This Ryzer helps you figure out the best way to use your backpack, binder, organizer, calendar, and other organizational tools.

  • The demands of school and life require you to keep track of academics, sports, social life, family activities, special events, travel, transportation, and more. The Org Ryzer will give you the confidence to know where you need to be, what you need to get done, and where your things are. You can focus on what you’re doing and be confident that everything is in order. When you’re organized, you get your work done and you have more fun.


Skills Ryzer

Study Skills Workbook

  • The Skills Ryzer offers you the necessary study tools to do well in school.  This includes note taking, outlining, memorizing, and other tools for academic success.  Successful study skills  is about choosing the right tools to do well on a test, prepare for a paper, plan an outline for a presentation, and feel confident that you are doing  your best in school.

  • The Skills Ryzer allows you to develop your own learning strategy by choosing specific study skills that suits your learning style.  The experience of completing the Skills Ryzer empowers you to do well in school and be a confident learner.


Vox Ryzer

Communication/Relationship Skills Workbook

  • The Vox Ryzer offers tools for good communication with teachers, parents, and friends which directly affects your quality of life and success.  The Vox Ryzer empowers you to develop your own communication style by utilizing the Vox tools to develop a positive attitude, gather information, listen to others, be able to ask for help, and get your needs met.

  • After utilizing the tools in the Vox Ryzer you will feel happier and more secure by knowing the best way to express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas and maintain good relationships.


Core Ryzer

Self Confidence/Self Advocacy Skills Workbook

  • The Core Ryzer introduces the essential components to define who you are and how you want to be in the world by exploring life tools such as developing a moral code, confidence vs. arrogance, problem solving, humility, responsibility, accountability, and other aspects of character development.

  • The Core Ryzer endorses the iRYZE philosophy that when you are more confident and comfortable with yourself, you are more likely to be responsible, accountable, and make good choices.

LIFE TOOLS - iRYZE: Features

iRYZE Store

iRYZE offers four Ryzers: Org, Skills, Vox, and Core.

You can purchase the Ryzers seven different ways.  You decide if you want The Ryzer Portfolio, a Ryzer Module, or an individual Ryzer.

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