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About Dr. Jason Stein

Dr. Jason S. Stein, Psy.D., LMFT Psychotherapist License No. LMFT 35799, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  He has been working in the field for over twenty-five years as a therapist and clinical supervisor.  He conducts seminars on teenage drug and alcohol issues, workshops on ‘Pro-Active Parenting’ and ‘Family Communication’, and teaches other therapists how to do family therapy.   His specialties include family and couple issues, childhood anxiety, teen substance abuse, ADHD, socialization/peer relationships, and school-related behavioral problems.  Dr. Stein’s approach focuses on empowering clients to utilize their strengths, and the ability to make choices.

The clinician has received expert training in family therapy, couples counseling, cross-cultural issues, behavioral therapy, and school-based services. He has worked at settings including California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, Airport Marina Counseling Center, and Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic.  He did his early training in the public school system, adolescent day treatment programs, and community mental health agencies (developing models of support and treatment for children with Learning Disabilities and Emotional Issues).  Dr. Stein managed and coordinated the Latency Day Treatment Program at Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic after receiving a Doctorate from California Institute of Integral Studies. 

Dr. Stein has conducted extensive research and written a book on ‘The Level of Functioning of Latency Age Children’.  His current work is a theoretical integration of East-West psychology called, ‘The Indigenous Being’.  He facilitates workshops and seminars at public and private schools, after-school programs, places of worship, weight loss centers, and clinical settings.  Dr. Stein’s topics include ‘How to talk about drugs and alcohol with your teenager’, ‘family communications’, ‘family rituals’, ‘how to contain behavioral problems’, and ‘parent/couple communication’.   He teaches parenting classes on family communication, drug and alcohol awareness, proactive parenting, and developing structure and routines within the family. 

As a provider within the community, Dr. Stein has held clinical and administrative positions in hospital settings, schools, and community agencies.  He is an honorary member of the National Psi Chi Society for his contributions in academia and the Los Angeles community.  Currently, he is working as a clinical supervisor and teacher at Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic, a consultant for a Boys Group Home, and has private practice consisting of adults, couples, children, and families. 

The services offered by Dr. Stein include individual, child, couples, and family therapy.  He also can provide more specialized services including child behavior assessment, in-home family therapy, co-parenting (divorce/separation issues), group therapy, and parenting classes.  Dr. Stein is available for various workshops and seminars.

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